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The Effect Heat Has on Adhesive Tape

As we quickly approaching the summer season the heat is on the rise. Did you know that your adhesive tape can be affected by the summer heat in both negative and positive ways? Usually, adhesive tape can have conspicuous outcomes in the two most extreme seasons of the year winter and summer. As we enter summer and the high heats begins to hit, here are a few ways summer heat can affect your adhesive tape.

What is Adhesive Tape?

Adhesive tape is a term often used to describe a variety of different types of tape. This may include, but is not limited to, masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, packing tape, painter's tape, and double-sided. Materials that are often used to make these kinds of tape can include the tape can include plastic film, cloth, paper, or even metal substances. They also have a coating of pressure-sensitive adhesive. The adhesive will stick without requiring water or heat, which makes it easy and very versatile to use.

How Does Heat Affect Automation Adhesive Tape?

As a packaging supply and automation company, tapes are often used in a variety of applicationsWhen it comes down to the chemistry of putting an adhesive tape together, the goal is for it to be sustainable in any circumstances. Unfortunately, the tape can weaken when exposed to certain weather temperature. For example, in an automotive environment, the adhesive tape is used to attach emblem or a trim of a car. When applying this tape, one has to be aware of the temperatures it will encounter while in use, especially those above 100F. Even when facing high temperatures when the tape is applied to a vehicleit has to be able to resist high-pressure car washes, driving in storms, dust, snow, and even hail. Therefore, when it comes to creating adhesive tape, it not only has to be able to survive high and low temperatures but all the other conditions it may have to face. All of these components come into place when adhesive tape is created and used.

Should We Avoid Leaving Adhesive Tape Out in The Summer?

It is common knowledge that during hot temperatures, ie. In the summer, heat will soften an adhesive, where heat softens the adhesive, where it causes it to lose its strength and slip from the attachment. Such intense temperatures will cause tape failure to increase, and prolonged exposure to extreme heat sources may melt the rubber adhesive and the polyethylene backing to expose the fabric core, which will then burn. Because of the hazardous situations, it can create, duct tape should not be used for any high heat application. Even if the tape applied does not itself burn, there is always be a possibility that it will warp, crinkle, shrink, and lose its strength. Ideally, the tape should be stored in a cool, dry location. In fact, the cooler the better its best to aim for temperatures between 60 and 70F


Unfortunately, adhesive tape cannot solve all our solutions when it comes to the heat waves that summer brings, but remember there are specific tapes for specific jobs. Adhesive tape can begin to lose its strength and its grip at temperatures approaching 140 F, which seems nearly impossible to reach in most environments. However, when items heat up with tape, which can make it seem hotter than it actually is, which would make reaching 140F easily attainable. Therefore, make sure to use and store your tape wisely this summer.

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