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There are a ton of different reasons a package could be compromised or contaminated. This makes it very important to use the right carton sealing tape in order to ensure the safest deliveries. Carton sealing tape keeps your containers tightly closed and secured. Think of all the terrible scenarios that would come from food being exposed to the wrong germs. The package could become useless needing to be thrown out or even worse, it could be poisonous to the customer who consumes it.

This is why it is so important that your shipments stay properly sealed within their containers to keep out all these potentials hazards and threats. Using carton sealing tape can ensure your shipments remain safe from start to finish and throughout the entire delivery process.

A Little About Carton Sealing Tape

There is a large variety of different types of carton sealing tape out there to make sure your shipment is properly sealed. Carton sealing tapes can vary in length, width, and even thickness. There are even pressure-sensitive tapes, such as:

  • Hot-Melt Packaging Tape which has a wide range of flexibility with superior strength
  • Acrylic Packaging Tape which performs in temperatures ranging from 32-degree F to 120-degrees F
  • Natural Rubber Packaging Tape ideal for wide surfaces and temperature extremes. Resistant to weather, humidity, saltwater, dilute acids, and alkalis

Due to the growing need and importance of keeping boxes securely sealed the market for such adhesives can be expected to grow over the coming years. The transportation of products plays an essential role in most supply chains. Carton sealing tape is here to make sure that those products get to their destination safely and in excellent condition.

Carton Sealing Tape: Application is Key

It is crucial to make sure that carton sealing tape is properly applied to your shipment. You wouldnt want it to come completely undone during transit because it was not put on correctly. Automating this process could keep costly mistakes like this from happening. There are machines that you can get to help not only ensure perfected application but also to improve tape usage. Another benefit to these machines is they improve the speed which boxes are sealed and can also be used for weeks at a time without a break or rest.

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