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Introducing Water Activated Tape


It isn't a big secret that water activated tape is made from paper. But were you aware that most paper packaging tapes are completely biodegradable, recyclable, and repulpable? Yes! That isn't all that water activated tape has to offer though.

Did you know that plastic tapes - those everyday acrylic carton sealing tapes - are made from petroleum? Petroleum is a non-renewable fossil fuel. As such, it does not biodegrade in nature. Not only that, even if you were to remove that carton sealing tape from the boxes you're using, the removal process still leaves behind an adhesive residue that can not only weaken recycled corrugated material, but also damages the machinery that is used in the recycling process.

Are there additional names for this tape I should know?

Water activated tape can be identified by each of these titles: WAT, paper tape, reinforced tape, gum tape, gummed tape, reinforced gummed tape (RGT), non-asphaltic tape, and kraft non-reinforced tape.

5 completely justifiable reasons to ditch that acrylic packaging tape

1. Using gummed paper tape allows you to use LESS consumable packaging. How so? You're only going to need one strip of water activated tape to permanently (and securely) close your carton. How many rotations of the acrylic packaging tape are you currently using? 3-4 strips? You're already saving money just thinking about it, aren't you.

2. Reinforced paper tapesact as a security system for your products. Have you ever tried removing reinforced paper tape from a corrugated carton? Not so easily accomplished. The chemical makeup of paper tape, when activated by water, causes the adhesive on the paper to permeate the carton, forming a permanent bond.

3. Water activated tapes maintain their seal regardless of environmental factors. Your package will be propelled through the shipping system, sitting in warehouses and service centers where you no longer claim any control. Will your current packaging tape survive? Water activated tapes hold their seal through extreme temperature, light, and humidity.

4. Water activated tape retains its integrity if punctured. The shipping process can be ruthless. You want your packaging tape to hold up against any and all mishaps along the way. Because of the starch based adhesive, WAT aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons providing fast and permanent adhesion.

5. Paper tapes can be an excellent source of marketing. Print your company logo directly on the packaging tape. Brand recognition is paramount in today's market.

How do I get started?

Water activated packaging tape is easy to plug into your packaging operation. All you need is water, and a dispensing machine for tape application.

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