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What is Strapping Tape?

Strapping tape is a powerful type of adhesive that, despite its specific name, is used for a variety of applications. Frequently, we see strapping tape utilized for holding together the upper rows or sections of a palletduring transfers, as well as for carton sealing, bundling, load unitizing, reinforcement, and item security.In addition to these packaging-specific uses, it is also frequently used for activities like metal coil tabbing, securing items on an assembly line, or belting splicing. If youvedone research on the question what is strapping tape?, you may have also seen it referred to as filament tape. This is because strapping tape often features fibers made oftensilizedpolypropylene, polyester yarn, or glassyarn running through it in order to provide outstanding reinforcement. These filaments givethestrapping tape the incredible strengthrequired to work for even your toughest jobs, whicharealso augmented depending on the type of adhesive used. The most common adhesives for strapping tape include natural rubber, synthetic rubber, modified synthetic rubber, and clean removal.

Strapping Tapevs.Filament Tape

Strapping tape and filament tape are two names for similar types of adhesive.Filament tape is made from a polypropylene backing with reinforced glass yarns running throughout and is enhanced by natural rubber adhesive. It offers high tensile strength and comes in varying grades (low, medium, and high), depending on how many glass fibers arewoven into it. Most commonly, filament tape is used for bundling and packaging. Alternately, strapping tape can be made fromavariety ofdifferent backings and adhesives, though a rubber adhesive andtensilizedpolypropylene backing are most common. When determining what is strapping tape, its important to recognize thatit works wonders for load unitizing by preventing products from breaking or snapping when they shift. Strapping tape is usually black or white in color and can also be used for box palletizing, as it will shrink around cartons for a more secure hold.

What isStrappingTape?:TheTechnical Specsblack strapping tape applied around white pvc tubes on wood tabletop

  • Resistant to splits, tears, and abrasions
  • High tensile strength (between 100 and 600lbs.per inch of width)
  • Residue-free removal
  • Embedded fiberglass filaments for added strength
  • Variety of backing options
  • Budget friendly
  • Stronger than most glues and twines

Industries that Frequently Use Strapping Tape

  • Metal Works
  • Manufacturing
  • Appliances
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive and Automotive Parts
  • Food and Beverage
  • SportingGoods
  • Toys

Common Strapping Tape Materials to Know

Glass and Fiberglass: Theseare reinforcements woven into the tape and are made of glass, fiberglass, or a fiberglass composite. Filament: There are thousands of tiny filaments woven into yarns and embedded into the strapping tape backing. Fluoropolymer Coating: This is a coating placed onto a roll of strapping tape that provides chemical and water resistance. Paper: A popular strapping tape backing. Polyethylene(PET) / Polyester: PET and polyester backings are a common choice for strapping tape. Acrylic: The best strapping tape adhesive in terms of environmental resistance and quick setting. Non-Adhesive: Non-adhesive strapping tapes are not equipped with an applied adhesive. They tend to beself adhering. Pressure Sensitive: Refers to how a tape isappliedto a surface and is also sometimes called a contact adhesive. Pressure sensitive strapping tapes offer permanent tack with a powerful stick when used in dry environments that arent subject to extreme temperatures. Rubber: A strapping tape backing that boasts a flexible adherence.

Never Ask What is Strapping Tape? Again

Understanding the fundamentals of strapping tape is key to a solid knowledge of how it works and how it can benefit your business. For more information or assistance finding the right strapping tape and filament tape for your needs,contact us todayor give us a call at 877-410-1146.

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